The Book

The book is conceived as a standard reference book. A comprehensive printed compendium of living artists in painting, graphic arts, digital art, installation art, sculpture, photography beyond the hermetic circle of the top 100 protagonists of those list, that is yearly published by Mrs. Rohr-Bongard. The high-quality illustrated book is designed as a reference art guide for private and public art collectors, gallery owners and all audiences interested in art.

In the 2022 edition the book appears in German language for the first time.

A superb encyclopedia of artists for the art collector and a significant bibliography for art trade is now under preparation!
Artists to include in the book will be approved by the publisher. Proposals can be submitted through this site.

All in all a superb and exquisite Edition!
We know from a large number of good galleries, which increasingly take our elite-books into account for planning and compiling their exhibition calendars. And we are always hearing from artists from previous editions of rising sales or great, lucrative comissions directly applicable to their appearance in the book!

HIMMELBLAU ArtCompass-2018
50 Masters of Realistic Imagery

The book comes with a foreword by Ernst Fuchs along with a special feature of his art. Alongside Ernst Fuchs the volume features a finest selection of protagonists of the realistic imagery.

Art Compass

ArtCompass is an authoritative text and a comprehensive reference book of contemporary protagonists of the classical arts of painting, graphics and sculpture.

Artist from Sweden
A monograph

The volume provides an overview of the artistic work of the Swedish artist Per-Inge Isheden in an Exclusive Edition, which is rounded off by a brilliant essay written by London-based art historian Annwen E. Bates.

Images: 2018 Edition

The Design

The listings contain two pages arranged in alphabetical order referring to the surname of the artist.

The colour of the page margins signalizes the respective art discipline (such as painting, sculpture, photography).
A self-edited artist's statement appears below the name introductorily followed by relevant information on:
Place of Residence (country, city)
Medium (painting, sculpture, installation art, digital art, graphic art, photography)
Subject (preferred artistic themes)
Price Range (current price nivel)

Up to 6 samples of artwork in superb print quality along with the artist’s signature, a portrait photo and his web address complete the feature.

The book is equipped with a ribbon page marker! All in all an exquisite edition!

Format: 19.5 x 21.5 cm. Pages: approx. 300. Contents: illustration printing paper with matt coating, 150g/qm.

The Editor

Ulrich Goette Himmelblau

The book is edited by Ulrich Goette Himmelblau who has been dealing with art for more than 30 years. He is known as founder and donor of a yearly given art award. As curator and former gallerist in Spain and Germany he can be referred to as an appreciator and expert of the fine arts. 

Recent Publications - A Selection

50 Masters of Realistic Imagery with foreword by Ernst Fuchs

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