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Publishing Work

In 2015 the originator of the Wiener Schule des Phantastischen Realismus Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015) shortly before his death gave a nice preface to Himmelblau's book publication "50 Masters of Realistic Imagery".

His main intention of his publishing work Goette Himmelblau expressed quite well in the foreword for "42 Masters of Realistic Imagery":

In his review of the latest Venice Biennale, the German art critic Hanno Rauterberg writes in Die Zeit, No. 24, 9 June 2011, about an alarming "extension of the definition of art of which it had always been said that it has already been extended to the utmost. Here art pieces are declared to be apt for the Biennale that at the most cross the threshold to a poster shop." And he further states: "Obviously there is an art beyond art; obviously there are numerous artists who are never exhibited at the countless biennales of this world although they match the taste of many intelligent contemporaries."

Who has not taken notice of these truths yet? It does in fact become harder to feel comfortable with what an almost hermetic circle consisting of critics, gallery owners, agents and curators puts up on the big stages of the art market: Little tastes of artistic potential or even genius. Instead, we encounter more and more frequently an eccentric and top-heavy pseudo-art, more hype than substance, intended to be spectacular and commercially viable. For the benefit of the business of those people who belong to the "inner circle" that blurs the boundaries of artistic standards to that effect…

If you look at these shocking correlations in detail, you soon succumb to a certain pessimism. And yet: The work on this book, which took nearly two years, has given me hope again that art will survive in its original meaning, which etymologically derives from "skill" meaning "the ability to do something well; the knowledge, command and mastery that somebody possesses".

This book also pays homage to Delacroix's famous saying: "Le premier mérite d'un tableau est d'être une fête pour l'oeil." ("The first duty of a painting is to be a feast for the eyes.") It is an excellent selection of contemporary artists of realist imagery, who you will find rather beyond the abovementioned vociferously opinion-making, degenerate art stages; whose works, however, will give great pleasure to the genuine art lover and art connoisseur both in terms of the depth of the artistic idea and the skilful delicacy.


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